Perfect weather protection

Geplaatst 21 feb. 2013 03:07 door Brecht Fietser   [ 12 dec. 2014 09:21 bijgewerkt ]
Hi Brecht,

I hope you are doing fine. Only wanted to report about my first three weeks with my eWaW.
To put it in a nutshell: It´s fantastic and the greatest fun I have ever had since my childhood days when I rode a kett-car for hours a day.
Since I have the WAW, driving in a car has lost every bit of fascination for me. Just sitting in the WAW and driving to work or going on a trip is so calming and relaxing, while at the same time sportive, that using a car is being reduced to the unavoidable long distance trips.
I have so far driven through snow, through rain and even for a few minutes through a little hailstorm and it didn´t bother me at all thanks to the perfect weather protection the WAW offers you.
Up to now I have covered 400 km which doesen´t sound much but included several trips to work (one way app. 10 km) and two trips of 60 and 70 km into the Netherlands.

As you might have appreciated, the pastelblue color is noticed very easily in traffic. But the led-lights are excellent. Not only in darkness but also in broad daylight I have not faced one situation in which a car driver would not have noticed the WAW.

Still I have one question: I did not pay real attention when you explained to me how to adjust the parking brake, due to my fascination when I came to pick up my WAW. Could you please give me some information about how to readjust the brake?

Thank you and have a nice evening,

Off to Germany.